Thursday, March 17, 2011

SMART goals

Many people set goals, especially when it comes to exercise, weight loss, nutrition and health. It's safe to say that most adults have been on some type of "diet" or "weight loss program" in their lives. In fact, a recent study was done that found 87% of Men and 92% of Women were currently on a diet as a means of weight loss and 67% of Men and 66% of women were on some type of exercise program to try to lose weight.

However, much of the time, these goals are not achieved. Many find these types of goals extremely overwhelming, discouraging and/or they don't end up with the results they had hoped for. When it comes to goals, I feel that the only way to truly be successful in accomplishing them, is to take the time and go through each of these steps of the SMART acronym. There are a few different versions of it, but I like this one a lot. I would add, to the "R", the word recorded. Keeping track and recording one's progress is a huge step to success.

Although it takes time to set up and create goals using the SMART method, it can really help to have a plan of action and a way to ensure one will accomplish what they set their mind to!

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