Wednesday, July 20, 2011

False Realities

I just wrote a paper for my persuasive writing class (my last general! woo hoo!) on the false-realities of fashion models. In my paper, I mentioned Barbie. Barbie was my absolute favorite childhood toy, no doubt. However, the image Barbie portrays is quite deceiving. So many girls and women of all ages want to look like her. However, it is honestly quite impossible. If Barbie were a real-size person, she would look like this...
The girl on the right is college student, Galia Slayen, who mimicked Barbie’s proportions into a life size version in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I found this fascinating. No wonder there are so many problems with self-image/self-esteem, eating disorders and women never feeling like they look good enough.

Also, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an awesome concept that portrays beauty the way it should be. Check out this link:
Even this model doesn't look as 'good' as she does in her OWN picture...

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